Laudato Si’

Pope Francis Encyclical Letter, ” ‘Laudato si’, on Care for Our Common Home”,  has made a significant contribution to the good of humanity and of the planet we call home.

It needs to be read and its challenges to action need to be considered seriously.

In an ambitious Church-wide initiative, Pope Francis’ has invited all Catholics on a journey “to create the future we want: a more inclusive, fraternal, peaceful and sustainable world.”  In the spirit of “Laudato si’, on Care for Our Common Home,” this initiative outlines seven categories of sustainability goals which emphasize integral ecology. Seven sectors of the church are asked to achieve those goals within a seven-year timeframe.

The goals include:

-Adopting renewable energy;
Achieving carbon neutrality;
Defending all life;
-Solidarity with Indigenous peoples and vulnerable groups;
-Adopting simpler lifestyles;
-Fostering ecological education and spirituality;
Advocating for sustainable development;
-Following ethical investment guidelines, including divestment from fossil fuels and other industries that harm the planet.

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