Welcome to St Joan of Arc Catholic Parish, Haberfield.


Did you come to Mass at Easter?

You would have received a St Joan of Arc Welcome Pack with a Publication that introduces you to much of the parish activities. There is also a Parish Census form inside the folder.
It would be really helpful if, as a parishioner of St Joan of Arc, you could complete the form for the family at your address.

There was a time when the priests of a parish would knock on doors to find out who lived within the Parish boundaries. It was a way of knowing for whom they were pastorally responsible. These days, there are so many factors that make that unrealistic. So we rely on you to provide the information.

Remember you are always welcome at St Joan of Arc!


Events in UKRAINE touch our hearts and call for prayer.
prayer for peace
prayer for the safety of the population
prayer for the leaders of Ukraine and
Europe for wisdom and courage
and prayer for a change of heart for Vladimir Putin and the Russian military.


At St Joan of Arc we are having a time of prayer for Ukraine once a week in the Church
Fridays 2.15pm – 3.00pm


As we pray for Ukraine, let’s not forget the other places that are suffering from oppression, rejection, hunger, poverty, conflict, climate change  … Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Myanmar, nations in Africa, the island nations of the Pacific………….


is an exciting opportunity to explore some basic life questions in a welcoming atmosphere.

began at St Joan of Arc on Wednesday 9 March. see details on the menu item  ALPHA Program in St Joan of Arc
Please keep all the participants in your prayers
and keep the Parish in your prayers too.



St David’s Uniting Church invites support for a great initiative.