Sacramental Programs

Sacramental programs 2022 and beyond.

A letter was sent, at the end of Term 4, 2021, to all parents with children in St Joan of Arc School or in the public schools in Haberfield, regarding the plan for Sacramental Programs for 2022

The full text of the letter can be found here, however the enrolment closing dates for Confirmation and First Communion have been changed – see below.
Full Parent Letter – Sacramental Programs 2022

What are the specific steps for each Sacrament?

Using the links below, please download both an Enrolment Form and a Commitment Form and fill in the necessary information. Please send the Enrolment form either by email or in person to the Parish but parents and children will need to present the Commitment form at any of the designated Masses when you will make your commitment to the preparation program and be accepted.

At the end of whichever Mass you come to for that commitment, you will be able to collect the Leader’s book and the Children’s Activity book.

There is a fee of $30 to cover the cost of the books. This may be processed with Cash (please use an envelope with the name of the candidate on it) or electronically using the <Support Us> button on the home page of our Parish Website (click, scroll to the relevant item and provide the details).

The first session on the timetable of each Sacrament – which can be found on the full letter with the link Full Parent Letter – Sacramental Programs 2022 – will be an introduction and explanation of the material.

Enrolment forms can be found at these links:

Enrolment closing dates

Completed enrolment forms and any other documentation can be e-mailed to or dropped off at the parish office, Tuesday to Thursday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Confirmation Enrolment Form 2022;
(Closing date for Confirmation Enrolment – Friday 18th March 2022)
Commitment Form will be posted here in time for the Commitment Masses

First Holy Communion Enrolment Form
(Closing date for First Communion Enrolment – Friday 26th August 2022)
Commitment Form will be posted here in time for the Commitment Masses

I and the Sacramental Team look forward to working closely with you as your children prepare for these important stages of their growth in their friendship with Christ Jesus and their understanding of what it means to belong to His family.

Regards and blessings.

Fr Phillip Zadro, Parish Priest and the Sacramental Team
Maria Condello – Pastoral Associate
Jacky Guardascione – Religious Education Coordinator – St Joan of Arc, School
Greg Hill – Catechist Coordinator
Anne Gray – Family Educator