Praying while in Isolation

Here are a few resources or ideas that can be used by families or individuals

  • Go to the front page of this website and as well as the weekly Bulletin you can find a link for Praying with Children which changes each week.
  • Read the readings of the Sunday from the Readings Page on the parish website or other online resources or from your Sunday Missal – make it a short liturgy of the word. Make up your own prayers of the Faithful – conclude with the Our Father and maybe other favourite prayers.
  • Pray the Liturgy of the hours. There is an App that will give you the texts of the Mass of the day and the Liturgy of the Hours – it is called Universalis. It is available for Apple, Android and Windows. There is a small cost to buy this and register once only.
  • Use different Websites/Apps for prayer:
  • Pray as you Go – (also an App)
  • The God Minute – (also an App)
  • Sacred Space – (also an App)
  • Jamberoo Abbey –
  • Click to Pray – (also an App)
  • Read the Bible taking a book, like a Gospel or the Psalms, and working your way through it together, section by section
  • Use Lectio Divina when reading a bible text – this is explained in Universalis and also on the Jamberoo Abbey website.
  • Use Christian Meditation – use the App WCCM where you will find explanations and guides for meditation – your children may already know how to meditate. Let them teach you?
  • Pray the Rosary together
  • There are many links for watching Mass online or on TV – many people found these in the last two years.



Don’t turn your back on the relationship with God that is your life and meaning by doing nothing.