Praying while in Isolation


  • What can families do?

Families can pray together – if you do this already, great! If not, it’s a good time to start. And here’s a few resources or ideas:

  • Go to the front page of this website and as well as the weekly Bulletin you can find a link for Praying with Children which changes each week.
  • You can link to Mass from the Parish by the YouTube link on our Facebook page each week –
  • Read the readings of the Sunday from the Weekly bulletin on the parish website or other online resources or from your Sunday Missal – make it a short liturgy of the word. Make up your own prayers of the Faithful – conclude with the Our Father and maybe other favourite prayers.
  • Pray the Liturgy of the hours. There is an App that will give you the texts of the Mass of the day and the Liturgy of the Hours – it is called Universalis. It is available for Apple, Android and Windows. There is a small cost to buy this and register once only.
  • Use different Websites/Apps for prayer:
  • Pray as you Go – (also an App)
  • The God Minute – (also an App)
  • Sacred Space – (also an App)
  • Jamberoo Abbey –
  • Click to Pray – (also an App)
  • Read the Bible taking a book, like a Gospel or the Psalms, and working your way through it together, section by section
  • Use Lectio Divina when reading a bible text – this is explained in Universalis and also on the Jamberoo Abbey website.
  • Use Christian Meditation – use the App WCCM where you will find explanations and guides for meditation – your children may already know how to meditate. Let them teach you?
  • Pray the Rosary together
  • There are many links for watching Mass online or on TV – many people found them last year. As noted above, we are recording Mass each Saturday evening and its YouTube link is on our Facebook page.



What can individuals do?

  • Develop a prayer partner with whom you can pray regularly either by phone, by Skype or Facebook, or simply by committing to pray at the same time of the day as each other. Perhaps you could use one of the forms of prayer above.
  • each person could do their own thing or do one or more of the above. If not doing anything at present, see this as an opportunity to develop a personal prayer habit.


Don’t turn your back on the relationship with God that is your life and meaning by doing nothing.